TOP 7 Thức Uống Không Cồn Được Yêu Thích

the beverage industry manufactures beverages and ready-to-drink products. includes bottled water, soft drinks, energy drinks, dairy products, coffee and tea products, nutritional drinks and alcoholic products. the beverage industry includes two main categories: alcoholic beverage industry and non-alcoholic beverage industry.


1. water

the world's most consumed tasteless and odorless beverage and the most essential drink in everyone's life. water makes up 70% of your body weight, so drinking enough water every day is very important.

2. milk
milk contains many nutrients such as calcium, vitamins, ... a drink that brings many health benefits.

3. tea
tea has been a popular drink since ancient times, containing antioxidants, organic compounds that reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

4. coffee
an indispensable "good morning" drink for office workers in particular and the world in general. a cup of coffee in the morning will keep you awake because it contains a large amount of caffeine.

5. fruit juice
an indispensable healthy drink of the "weight loss" or "first and second skin" society. juice is pressed from a variety of fruits and vegetables.

6. energy drinks
energy drinks not only help you to quench your thirst but also have the effect of reducing stress and fatigue. it is the ideal drink if you need to boost your mood for work because it contains a good amount of caffeine, sugar and energy-boosting compounds like vitamins and minerals.

7. cocoa
one of my favorite non-alcoholic beverages is cocoa. made from condensed milk cocoa powder mixed with hot water. although it looks a bit sweet, it has quite a high nutritional value. cocoa powder contains oxidants, organic acids and other essential compounds. if taken regularly can reduce the risk of high blood pressure, lower cholesterol, improve brain function, ...

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